Lies, Legends and Loose ends

Report Entry #5

“Graves are the footprints of angels”

Preparations for executing the planned raid have begun.

The former Kreig and mordian accompanied Miranda to the Arbites stronghold. Impressive building, solid, very defensible. Made way to central chamber. Miranda approached dais, and spoke to lead Arbite within some type of field that obscured sound. A resolution apparently achieved we departed once more. Miranda explained that records of missing persons and abductees will be collated, and raids carried out simultaneously with the attack on the Ursa compound.

Multiple flanks employed in attack. The group containing corporal made covert insertion through culverts. Speed to utilise the momentum of having the initiative. After short skirmishing advance, entered into central courtyard gardened area.

A light screen of security troops and some combat servitors between us and a huddle of figures retreating towards the compounds flight pad. His grace was upon us this day. Mordian sustained severe injuries to left arm, both Psyker and Corporal survived near mortal wounds by His will. By some means of his abilities the psyker identified the creature hiding in the midst of the tainted humans. It then revealed itself in all it’s repugnance. Corporal and Psyker attacked creature, injuries impaired their effectiveness. It seemed protected by some sort of field. Even when the corporal’s chainsword penetrated field, the creature proved unnaturally resilient.

Crash announced the landing of Brother Steele’s craft. Shortly after he joined the fray – dispatching the loathsome thing to it’s deserved fate.

Evacuation completed successfully.


Report 5

Miranda, Corporal 4712, the female Arbite and myself were sent on a mission to find a list of recent missing people at the Arbite head quarters, after entering the building we followed the Arbite to inquire about the paperwork and Miranda left us to see the head Arbite about the coming assault on the Ursa compound and the involvement of the Arbite’s in rounding all suspects that might have been tainted by the Xenos. Corporal 4712 sat quietly and took in his surroundings as we had to wait for the information to be collected and processed, Miranda had made her way to the raised platform where the head Arbite had his office, as Miranda began to converse with the head Arbite a shimmer seeded to surround them both and what ever means was used for this cancelled all sound from the pair so no one could hear them. The female Arbite returned with the information and shortly after Miranda ordered us to leave and we made are way back to the ship.
Steinman and the scions began the assault from the front of the complex drawing most of the defenders to them.
Corporal 4712, Abdul Haqq, Æbbe Ligotti, the Arbite and myself made are way under the complex and infiltrate the northern tower where we made are way unhindered to an elevator that we took to the command centre, after a short skirmish we were able to capture and turn off the air defence turrets on the roof.
We made are way back down to the ground floor and made are way in to the quad where we came across a group of nobles heading to the landing platform, we engaged their security force and a long fire fight ensued.
Corporal 4712 and myself made for a charge when I was truck in the left arm by a bolter round which knocked me off my feet, the Corporal took a glancing round to his head, luckily his re-beather mask took most of the damage, I found my feet and tried to make my way over to cover and was struck again in the left leg by another bolter round.
There was an explosion from the roof indicating that Brother Steele had entered the fray.
Æbbe Ligotti using his ability’s found where the Xenos was hiding, don’t know how he did it but he was able to distracted the foul Xenos thing and the Corporal charged, chain-sward at the ready the struck, time after time he assaulted it.
the creature proved unnaturally resilient, Corporal 4712 hit it true but it seem as though protected by some sort of field.
Brother Steele appeared and dispatched the reaming tainted nobles and charge the thing killing it.
When I awoke I was back on the ship and in the infirmary, I knew that I had last my leg but the damage to my arm was survivor and had to be amputated.

Report Entry #5
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