Lies, Legends and Loose ends

Report Entry #4

Consider yourself our mate....

Sgt. Mordian and guardsman go to visit preacher Garrik.

Arrive at walled compound type building. Met by a member of Sororitas, Winifred. Hospitaller Order. Lead through garden where children are working and playing. All displaying defects and minor mutations, but not in keeping with xenos taint. Once again mindful of Inquisitors instruction. Information paramount. Led to Garrik, who is working in some sort of mostly glass, plant growing area. He seems to be Guard veteran, now retired ? Rare individual.

Ask questions, Garrik suspicious at first. Once allayed we are not here to cleanse his wards becomes more open. (also puts aside shotgun that was concealed in soil). Deciding to divulge general reason for our inquiries yields results. Garrik speaks of abductions occurring – people disappearing for a few days or a week, then returning as if nothing was amiss. Says one of his children was almost grabbed but got away. She comes to speak with us…. says a big vehicle pulls up and back door opens, in it is a man with a bear, and in the shadows of the vehicle, another figure – scary with big staring eyes. Confused, we ask her to describe “bear” to no real effect. At some point revelation; the symbol of House Ursa is a bear. Questions confirm this meaning.

Return to ship.

Called to meeting upon return. Enter into the awe inspiring presence of one of the Emporer’s chosen warriors – Brother Steele of the Death Watch. He and his brother Astartes had destroyed an infestation of the creatures on another planet, where they had been firmly bedded in, at great cost to their number. The creature we encountered and another of it’s brood had fled the planet. It seems they have recently arrived on Terminus Prime. Brother Steele followed to finish the extermination of the Xenos.
We recant what information we have learned.

A plan is formulated to raid the Ursa household, whilst arranging for the Arbites to simultaneously raid all of those who had been abducted and returned to prevent any lingering taint spreading in the future. Discussion is made of a recent raid on the Ursa household by a disaffected group of followers from House Delor : A noble house whose fall in fortune was in many ways engineered by Randolf Ursa, son of the clan head. A covert route, entering the compound through culverts is planned for the majority. Brother Steele decides on an alternate entry.


Report 4

Corporal 4712 and myself are sent to visit preacher Garrik, see what he’s about and investigate any mutant threat.
We arrive at he preachers residence and find that its a gated compound type building, an older style large house with walled grounds, we head to the main gate and ring the bell, we are Met by a member of Sororitas, Winifred. Hospitaller Order, she leads us through the garden where the older children are grading and keeping the grounds and the younger children are playing, on first glance all the children are disabled in some way, all in good health and appear to be well looked after, noticed that Corporal 4712 is uneasy or unforgiving around these children, knowing a little about Death Korps I cant blame him. Sororitas takes us in to the house and out in to the rear of the property where Garrik is working in one of the greenhouses.
We start questioning Garrik but he is evasive and uncooperative at first but after talking for a while and learning he’s a retired veteran and we are only here to ask about the children and the odd goings on he decides to help us and give us information, Corporal 4712 while talking to Garrik and helping him pot a plant notices a shot gun hidden under the soil, Garrik smiles as he takes it out from its hiding place and unloads it so it no longer a threat, Garrik tells us of strange things happening and people being abducted or going missing only to return days later like nothing happened. Garrik say one of his children was almost abducted, a vehicle pulled up and the doors opened and a man with a bear stepped out and tried to grab the child, the child said that in the car was a scary man in the shows with big shiny eyes.
No one know what the shiny eyes were or meant but after talking to Garrik and Sosritas we came to the conclusion that the bear was the symbol of House Ursa.
Return to ship for debriefing.
After debriefing we were called in to another room where standing before us was an Astartes, one of the Emporer’s angels of vengeances. Emporer, bless me, for when I set eyes a pone this chosen warrior of the Emporer I almost faltered but by Terra I held my nerve and stood before him.
Brother Steele of the Death Watch and his brothers had discovered a Xenos infestation, at the cost of his brothers they had exterminated the foul infestation and cleansed the planet of the Xenos filth.
The creature had some how escaped and found its way to Terminus Prime. Brother Steele followed to finish the extermination of the Xenos, it turns out the Genestealer that Corporal 4712 had decapitated was the the very same one Brother Steele had injured before it escaped.
We came up with a plan from all the current information to raid house Ursa compound,
Corporal 4712, Abdul Haqq, Æbbe Ligotti and myself decide to assault from the sewer. Brother Steele will assault by himself from the roof. Steinman and the scions will assault from the front. whilst arranging for the Arbites to simultaneously raid all of those who had been abducted and returned to prevent any lingering taint spreading in the future.

Sgt Craig Mordian, Mordian Iron Guard (Medic)

Report Entry #4
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