Lies, Legends and Loose ends

Report Entry #3

going to the chapel, and we're gonna get....

We have been set to work.

Various of the abductees had obviously been taken in order to taint them with a view to gaining an inconspicuous entryway to their respective organisations – guard regiments, administratum, arbites, etc. One of the abductees was less explicable, the minor noble. So before his release it was decided to put a tracker into his person. This guardsman, Sgt. Mordian and the psyker were assigned to follow him.

He was picked up by a noble vehicle. Due to the congestion in the city we were able to follow it, albeit with some difficulty. Tracked target to an administratum building where he went up to a private area upstairs. Watched from a distance. Very short time passed, came back out with another nobleman, who hurried him out and bundled him back into limousine.

Tracked him to a plaza area. A delay on our way led to us arriving a while after our target. Vehicle already gone. Citizen preaching Heresy in plaza, bile about “The Mother”, none seem to notice. Mindful of orders, do not immediately execute, but report via comms. Others took seats at some sort of civilian cafeteria across the court yard from tracking signal was coming from, apparently a chapel. Guardsman goes to back alley where rear entrance can be watched. Time passes, no sign of quarry exiting. Signal still in building. More time, evening approaching. Man and woman, young couple noted at tables, also watching. Seeming family resemblance, but familiarity between two not familial in nature ? More time. Few in plaza now. Decide to enter building at rear.

Entrance confirms building is chapel. Quarry found dead inside. Search building. Typical chapel for working citizen. Find note for sermons. Value of hard work, perseverance, etc – seems ideologically sound. Find trap door in side room also. As exploring further 3 hired scum enter and attack. During fight psyker seems to mentally push large thug (mutant?) away with powers ? (killing him) Then the planets sacred force seems to fail and all are floating in air. Last assailant tries to “swim” away but is shot dead. Gravity reasserts.

Mindful of watchers outside and possible need to cover traces, commit arson on chapel, leave by tunnel under trap door.

Tunnel leads to building across plaza, library. Librarian surprised by our entrance but knows of tunnel. Says preacher uses it to take the children out safely. information tallies with noticing many child level books in library. Says church often persecuted. Gives name, address of preacher.

Exit into plaza. Street preacher being arrested, screaming about mutants in the chapels basement.

Return to base, report.


Report 3

Steinman has set us a mission, follow Davos Rometh, a minor noble. Corporal 4712, Æbbe and my self are to shadow Davos who has had a transmission device planted on his person, see where he goes and with whom he meets. The information gathered show that organisations including guard regiments, administratum, arbites, etc have been targeted for taint.
After beeing picked up by one of his house vehicle Davos Rometh headed for the city, we were able to keep track of Davos Rometh and follow him to an administratum building, as we arrived we took up potion out side of a refreshment shop were we began surveillance.
While sitting there we heard a citizen preaching in plaza, “The Mother” was mentioned and we all took note at this heresy, no one else seem to notice, this we reported straight away via vox.
Davos Rometh went inside met with another noble and went upstairs, not long after he came down and was acomponied by this noble and almost rough handled in to the vehicle.
The citizen that had been preaching in plaza was now being arrested for blaspheme and was shouting about a church, how it has mutants in the basement, this we took note.
The vehicle set off and headed out t words where Davos house compound was located and we set to following the vehicle.
After a short time the vehicle made turned on its self and headed away to the outer area of the city, we were able to keep track of the target and follow it but Davos had arrived at a small church before us as we were slowed by the traffic, when we arrived we again began surveillance as the vehicle had gone but the targets indicator was showing him in side.
We set up out side a small café and waited for Davos to move, after some time we decide to send Corporal 4712 around to the rear of the building to keep watch, it start to get dusk when Æbbe and my self notice a young couple sitting at a table across from us also seemingly to be watching the church, I start watching the young man and woman now as they seem to be touchy feely to one another but something seems off about them, Æbbe brings up there seeming family resemblance, odd. Time passes and the streets are quite now so we decide to move in.
We enter the building and request that Corporal 4712 enter from the rear, as we make are way up the isle to where Davos is sitting it is noticeable that he is slumped in the pew, I check for a pulse and confirm he’s dead. We search the church best we can. Corporal 4712 finds a trap door in a small room set up like an office.
As we are searching three men walk in to the church, heavy set men with thuggish quality and start to attack us, Corporal 4712 and I are pinned down from the gun fire from the thugs but unbelievably Æbbe stand and raises his hands, don’t know what happened next but the closets thug to us seemed to be pushed backwards as if an invisible barrier were pushing him, then Æbbe shook a little and we all started to float as if the gravity just stopped having affect, the man being forced backwards was killed some how, Corporal 4712 dispatched one of the attackers and finished the other. We all fall to the ground as if the gravity was just turned back on and jumped up, knowing that all that commotion and noise some one would of heard and called the arthritis we decided to gather the body’s and set fire to them to cover our tracks, we then took the passage way.
We followed the tunnel and it brought us out in a public building, a library across the plaza, we surprise a the librarian as we enter out from the tunnel, she seems to know of the tunnel so we question her about it, she tells us of a preacher, the man who owns the church and uses the tunnel to take the children to the library and if needed gets the children to safety, we search the library and where the entrance to the tunnel is in in the children’s section, she tells us of how the preacher is persecuted for his beliefs and for caring for the children. We obtain preachers address.

Sgt Craig Mordian, Mordian Iron Guard (Medic)

Report Entry #3
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