Lies, Legends and Loose ends

Report entry #2

aftermath, recruitment

The vessel has been a hive of activity, both cleaning and repair. It seems the Holy Order has decided that this shall be there base of operations on the planet.

Guardsman remembered arriving on Terminus Prime as part of new regimental posting. Death Korps and Mordians making bulk of military forces posted to impress upon populace Imperial might after issues with “non-compliance” of some nature. Memory of guardsman berating self at display of ego in disappointment. Memory of being ambushed and abducted by mutants during residential patrol before awakening in “stasis pod”. (proved to be jury rigged medicine storage container)

Testing proved guardsman and other remaining abductees free of xenos taint.

Interviewed by the Inquisitor. Impression he was not pleased (closest approximation) the guardsman had reported himself for losing weapon in battlefield. Spoke of the xenos creature – Genestealer. Woman, Miranda, entered, briefly conversed and drew cards. Divination ? For this guardsman ? Woman left. Inquisitor spoke of the work of Holy Order, along with the need for using mental initiative, “the mind is a weapon too”. Then he left, after ordering guardsman to stay until his return. Sounds of gunfire were heard in corridor. Guardsman left room to find Inquisitor and Scion outside firing weapon; no danger. Guardsman somewhat confused by cryptology of orders and exact nature of test.

Apparent that others had been interviewed. Guardsman and certain others now recruited by Holy Order. Command structure of small unit vague. Immediate superior officers: Trooper Steinman and Miranda ? Nature of duties, and how best to accomplish them, vaguer still. Is personal initiative to be placed over following orders ? Initiative used within parameters of orders ? Scope/direction of orders changed according to personal initiative ? Unclear boundaries worrying.

Endeavor must be made to understand, to best apply efforts.

Data collated indicates that attempts to infiltrate various power structures and organisations by recently arrived xenos.


Report 2

Regimental posting on Terminus Prime as part of combined task force, both Mordian Iron Guard and Death Korps, a show of imperial might to rout out and crush any non-compliance of native populous, Mordian Iron Guard stationed in high town, where the high echelon and upper class live, and Death Korps stationed in the more undesirable areas.
Last thing I remember I was on patrol and was called over the vox to atend to a lady who had gone into laber, having arrived I helped deliver a baby, but on delivery I saw that the baby was not totally human, it had xenos taint, the colour was light purple and its spine was unnaturally curved with a strange cranial ridges, on further inspection as the xenos came out it had three arms, this is where I blacked out and I came around I was in stasis capsule.
Under gone testing and found to be taint free and fit for duty.
Kept under observation for some time before being interviewed by the Inquisitor. Miranda, beautiful women entered, sat down and began the interview by drawing cards while the Inquisitor sat watching, after she drew three she got up and left the room, the Inquisitor asked for my report, I gave a full and detailed report of what had happened and found out that the xenos that I had encountered was a Genestealer.
Inquisitor asked me to preform a task for him on whit I carried out my task to the best of my ability, knowing this was a test didn’t make the task any easer, after I had completed the task the Inquisitor came back in to the room and invited me in to the order.
With permission to walk around the ship and meet the crew I found that I was part of a small unit lead by Steinman, a scion, this will be a completely different environment than I’m use to, I just hope I can adapt to this new way of soldering, it seems that my skill as a medic is much needed so I will concentrate on learning all I can and being ready for the task ahead.
The vessel has been a hive of activity, both cleaning and repair. It seems the Holy Order has decided that this shall be there base of operations on the planet.
Warring is that all the information gathered now is that there is a xenos threat on this planet.

Sgt Craig Mordian, Mordian Iron Guard (Medic)

Report entry #2
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